Name Contracted Feds Available
Nightmare UOW Yes
Rob Richie PPW Yes
Gus Wolf RSWUOW No
Jackson Daniels NGWGWF Yes
Jackson Daniels XCWNGWWWGWF No
Chester the Molester AW Yes
John "The Classic" Sniper AW Yes
Kris Kross AW Yes
The Higher Power AW Yes
Homie AW Yes
The REAL Lord Dominicus (XHF) EWF Yes
Claremont Free Agent Yes
Lebanon Free Agent Yes
Laconia Free Agent Yes
Franklin Free Agent Yes
Keene Free Agent Yes
Vincent Augustine RSW Yes
Berlin Free Agent Yes
Portsmouth Free Agent Yes
Leanne Swift EWF Yes
Clunkie Mike Sharp Free Agent Yes
Stormee Bright Anderson SWAT Yes
Billy Anderson SWAT Yes
Tyler Anderson SWAT Yes
Kenkichi Shiba Free Agent No