"The Hotshot" Terry Flare










237 lbs.



Eccentric and somewhat of a goofball, hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, with a style influenced by 80’s pop and rock fashion is Terry Flare; a man who doesn’t take things too seriously, least of all himself.  Other than the hot groupies and the limo rides, his sole purpose for being in the business is to enjoy himself while he can still execute a vertical suplex.

The Hotshot, as he likes to refer to himself as, is like any red-blooded american who seeks to achieve the american dream; loose big breasted women, fast cars, flying jets, and more money than you know what to do with.  A life that is the polar opposite from the one he left back in Utah.  Coming up, he was a sheltered kid who never knew life beyond the front yard.  When finally given the chance to live as a normal teenager at the age of fourteen, he never looked back.  It was the night which he attended his first house party, when Terry vowed to see the what exists behind the hills and mountains.

He graduated high school and completed a semester of community college before drawing the conclusion that college wasn’t for him.  What money he was going to spend on the University he was to transfer to, was invested into turning his childhood ritual into his regular punch-of-the-clock.  Within three years he found himself touring across the United States, with his parents blessing, as “The Hotshot” Terry Flare.  Dazzling hundreds if not thousands with his flashy moves, witty phrases, and over-the-top persona.

Keen on doing any and everything he sets his mind to, with “Flare”.