Jessica Tendonin










190 lbs.





Wrestling Name: Jessica Tendonin 

 Real Name (If Different from Wrestling Name):

Nicknames: The Dragon, The High Priestess of Alcatelia, Heart Breaker from the Heights of Shaker, JT, Paraguayan Sensation 

Face/Neutral/Heel: Face/Neutral 

Home Town: Shaker Heights, Ohio (Please announce her as being from here, not Cleveland) 

Lives In: Cleveland, Ohio 

Billed From:Shaker Heights, Ohio (Please announce her as being from here, not Cleveland) 

Gender: Female 

Date of Birth: 04/27/1983 

Describe Your Gimmick if any:



Height: 6'2 

Weight: 190lbs 

Eyes: Green 

 Hair (Length and color): Long/Red 

 Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy): Toned (bodysculpt on instagram for reference) 

 Picture Base: Maria Kanellis Bennett 

 Wrestling Attire (In Ring): Long tights in different colors with her surname down one leg, and a dragon down the other, and matching tops (which have amusingly been referred to as glorified sports bras) 

 Out of Ring Attire:Entrance Attire: Same as wrestling, sometimes with shades. 

 Weight Class : Light-Heavyweight



Interesting Facts about you (Optional): 

• Purchased her hometown, served as the ranking official from 2013 to 2016 

• 18x World Champion 

• As a young teenager, helped her father rebuild his 1971 Dodge Challenger (was nearly crushed when a hoist failed and dropped the engine on her) 

Titles and other accomplishments:History/Bio (optional): Born to Sean and Nathaly Wallace in 1983, Jessica is the second of three children. Like her older sister and younger brother, Jessica is ethnically mixed. While her mother is Paraguayan, with some Lebanese higher up the family tree, her father knows his grandfather was Russian, and his grandmother was allegedly Irish, though that may have simply been a tale.

Jessica is a lifelong Asthmatic, and often carries inhalers with her at all times, including in the ring, where she has been known to hide it in her tights for emergencies.

By the time Jessica graduated junior high, she had taught herself to speak French, adding it to her list of English and Spanish. Always big for her age, Jessica eventually caught up to her sister in size and then surpassed her. At five foot ten inches tall in the sixth grade, Jessica continued to grow until her third year of high school, where she was six foot two and weighed roughly one hundred and fifty pounds. She ran track, and eventually got involved in wrestling, something her sister had been doing since middle school. 



Describe Your Entrance (Optional):

[i]Party Monster by The Weeknd began playing through the arena audio system.[/i] 

[align=center][SIZE=7][color=white]"I'm Good, I'm Good, I'm Great!"[/SIZE][/color][/align] 


[i]After a few seconds, Jessica Tendonin walked out onto the stage. She stood there for a moment, raising both arms above her head, posing for the fans who cheered her. Jessica then began walking down the ramp, slowly lowering her arms. [/i]  


[i]Jessica reached the ring and stood for a moment, looking around at the arena. Basking in the cheers, Jessica smiled as she climbed into the ring. She walked to the nearest turnbuckle and climbed it, posing for the crowd.[/i] 


[i]Jessica jumped down from the second rope, and turned, crouching in the corner, waiting for the match to start as her music died down.[/i]

Entrance Theme: Party Monster by The Weeknd 

Valet/Manager (Optional): Lucius Tendonin (not every match) 



Wrestling Style: High Flyer, Technical 

Strengths: Speed, stamina, and strength 

Weaknesses:Giving Opponents chances to Recover, Disregard for safety 

Is Bleeding allowed?: Yes 

Reaction to Blood: Mostly positive 



(Unless otherwise stated, unlimited number of moves. You MUST Number your moves! be realistic with your characters size and moves; a 300lbs brawling person is not doing a Springboard Tornado DDT) 

Submission Moves: 

1. Crossface 

2. Full Nelson w/ Slam 

3. Ankle Lock 

4. Sleeper 

5. Standing Crossface (In corner with turnbuckle) 

6. Inverted Figure Four Leglock 

7. Boston Crab 

8. Sharpshooter 

9. Side Leglock 

10. Dragon Sleeper 

11. Tiger Tamer (Tiger Driver lift and stall) 

12. Belly to Belly Toss Bearhug 

13. Triangle Choke 

14. Bear Hug 

15. STF 

16. Paraguayan Surfboard Stretch 

17. Inverted Indian Deathlock 

18. Paraguayan Cloverleaf 

19. Anaconda Vice 

Front Grapple Moves: 

1. Hurricanrana 

2. DDT 

3. Suplex 

4. Brainbuster 

5. Arm Drag 

6. Belly to Belly Suplex 

7. Underhook toss 

8. Underhook suplex 

9. Fireman Carry 

10. Pile driver 

11. HelliSlam (Lift onto shoulders and spin, ending in slam) 

12. Neck Breaker 

13. Northern Lights Suplex (With and without pin) 

14. Body slam 

15. Scoop and Toss 

16. Snap Suplex 

17. T-Bone Suplex 

18. Jaw Breaker 

19. Piledriver Variations 

20. Spine Buster Variations 

21. O-goshi 

22. Harai Goshi into Armbar 

Behind Grapple Moves:

1. Southern Lights Suplex 

2. German Suplex 

3. Reverse Suplex 

4. Reverse DDT 

5. Half Nelson Slam 

6. Full Nelson slam 

7. Dragonplex 

8. Reverse Fall Away 

9. Dragon Sleeper Slam 

10. Releasing German Suplex 

11. Pump Handle Slam 

12. Reverse Neckbreaker 

13. Back Suplex 

14. Bulldog 

Striking/ Attack Moves: 

1. Side Kick 

2. Upper Kick 

3. Elbow Strike Combo 

4. Roundhouse Kick 

5. Clothesline (Either arm) 

6. Kicks to Midsection 

7. Double Head Kick 

8. Kick to Knees 

9. Knee to Midsection 

10. Punching Variations 

11. Super Kick 

12. Dropkick Variations 

13. Knee to Gut, followed by Elbow to Head/Neck 

14. Back Elbow Strike 

15. Right Hook 

16. Foot Stomp w/ Ducking Uppercut 

17. Uppercut 

18. Back Kick 

19. Headbutt (Rare) 

20. Fist Smash into side of Face 

Running Moves: 

1. Clothesline

2. Flying Elbow 

3. Running Knee Lift 

4. Spear (Edge Style) 

5. Tackle 

6. Shoulder Block 

7. Jumping Heel Kick 

8. Knee Attack (HHH Style) 

9. Rolling Heel Kick 

10. Flying Crossbody 

11. Leg Lariat 

12. Facebuster 

13. Facebuster followed by (Strike/Grapple) 

Arial Moves: 

1. Moonsualt (Standing/Down) 

2. Elbow Drop Variations 

3. Senton 

4. Shooting Star 

5. Shooting Star Leg Drop 

6. Double Flip Moonsualt 

7. Knee Drop 

8. Paraguayan Atmospheric Drop (Elevated Swanton Bomb) 

9. 450 Splash 

10. 450 Corkscrew Knee Drop (Very Rare) 

11. Flying Cross Body 

12. Diving Clothesline 

13. Dropkick 

14. Missile Dropkick 

15. Dragon Shaker (Hurricanrana) 

16. Paraguayan Layover (Diving Seated Senton) 

17. Tope Atomico 

18. Frog Splash (Variations) 

19. Pain from Paraguay (Spinning Stomp Drop) (Rare) 

Apron Moves: 

1. Apron Powerbomb 

2. Apron Clothesline 

Springboard Moves: TBD 

Turnbuckle Moves: 

1. Shoulder Thrust 

2. Superplex 

3. Super Back Drop 

4. Clothesline 

5. Burst Punches 

6. Bull Dog from corner 

7. Bronco Buster 

8. Diving Powerbomb 

9. Frankensteiner 

10. Super Belly to Belly Suplex 

Signature Moves: (Up to 15) 

1. Spear 

2. Shooting Star Leg Drop 

3. Super Kick 

4. Southern Lights Suplex 

5. Sharp Shooter 

6. Ankle Lock 

7. Dragon Sleeper 

8. Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Left, Down, UP! (Eye Poke, Right Hook, Eye Poke, Foot Stomp, Left Jab, Left Arm Clothesline, Foot Stomp, Uppercut!) 

Finishers: (Up to 5) 

1. Paraguayan Imprint Super Dragon's Psycho Driver (all 4 variants) -[a href=""]view [/a](Can be used in any match) 

2. Feral Dragon Wrap Grapevine Rear Naked Choke -[a href=""]view[/a] (Can be used in any match) 

3. Feral Dragon Trap Jumping Rear Naked Choke (Can be used in any match) 

X. Dragon Destroyer Reverse Rana - [a href=""]view [/a][(Restricted Move - Please only use with Permission) 

XX. Dragon Dream Stone Cold Stunner (Scott Hall Effect) - [a href=""]view[/a] (Restricted Move - Please only use with Permission) 

Trademark Moves 

1. T5 Spinning version of Brock Lesnar's F5 -[a href=""]view[/a] 

2. Dragon Disaster Hurricanrana into Triangle Choke 

3. Dragon Force Choke ]Mostly a gimmick move, followed by a real one.

Favorite Weapons: Dark red baseball bat named Alecto, Ladders 

Weapon Finishers: