Akeed ibn Umar al-Hayba








6 ft 9 in


385 lbs.



 WRESTLER NAME:  Akeed ibn Umar al-Hayba


HEIGHT: 6 ft 9 in

WEIGHT: 380ibs

D.O.B: Unknown

HOMETOWN: Mogadishu, Somalia

BILLED FROM: Nation of Islam


MANAGER(S): Abdul bin Hussain


ENTRANCE THEME: “Call to Prayer” by Seether


Cameras pan around the sea of anxious people who are cheering loudly at the showing of respect towards the USA. Suddenly, the cheering ceases as the loudspeakers crackle, all attention devoted to these very special proceedings. A large American Flag unfolds from the rafters and hangs majestically over the ring area, each ear expecting to hear the immortal “Star Spangled Banner”. 

The big screen started to show all sorts of American iconic sites. Children playing in the streets, baseball matches, troops in the Middle East. Those images dissolve into footage of various terrorist attacks from around the world including 9-11 until, finally, the Iraqi flag with two scimitars underneath filled the screen. This soon gives way to a hooded figure. The scene pulls back to fill the whole screen with this figure having sprawled at his feet American soldiers.

As “Call to Pray” by Seether began to blare loudly through the arena, it was eerily evident that this wouldn’t be a time for celebration. Outraged and appalled, the almost speechless fans erupted in hatred all at once. 


The fans began booing nearly to the point of an inverted standing ovation. The noise from the fans was deafening with the ferocity of the boos. The roving arm of the cameras picked out people in the crowd. As they realized there on the screen they held the signs higher. Ice Blue strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The curtain at the top of the ramp way parts and they emerge.

Standing there is Akeed ibn Umar al-Hayba in his wrestling garb. To his left stood Abdul bin Hussain

dressed in traditional Arab clothes. Behind them is stood Rafiq and Abdul’s sister Nazirah. Nazirah is dressed in the traditional Burqa. Rafiq carries the Iraqi flag on a pole. They look about themselves at the crowds who are booing really loudly.

Slowly Abdul walks down the ramp way, taking in the boos with a look of amusement on his face. He is actually shown laughing. He reaches the ringside and climbs the stairs; Akeed, Rafiq and Nazirah enter the ring.


As a young boy in his native Somalia he was a quiet but religious boy. As part of the Habr Gidr clan which was led by Mohamed Farrah Aidid his childhood was interesting.  Being a eleven year old boy in 1993 he was a part of the Battle of Mogadishu.


? – Lifting Arm Triangle Choke.

? – Reverse Chokeslam Facebuster.

Black Hawk Down – Spinning Side Slam.


Pride Of Islam - He lifts his opponent on his shoulders in an electric chair sitting position and then takes hold of his opponent with one arm and pulls him over his shoulder and down to the mat while falling to a sit out position so that his opponent lands on his upper back and neck between his legs.

  • DDT 
  • Discus Clothesline
  • Multiple German Suplex’s
  • Release German Suplex
  • Overhead  belly-to-belly suplex
  • Powerslam
  • Gorilla Press Slam
  • Belly-to-Back Suplex
  • Running Powerbomb
  • Head Butt
  • Flurry of Punches 
  • Arm Drag 
  • Chop
  • Over the top rope Plancha 
  • Top Rope Headbutt
  • Clothesline 
  • Body Avalanche 
  • Spear 
  • Baseball Slide