148 lbs.



Appalachian Mountain Hillbilly.

Huckleberry is not super smart, strong,dedicated, experienced in wrestling. In fact he is a bit of a bumbling clutz. Karma has a way with Huckleberry though, and often times he finds himself the fortunate one is a normally dank situation.

Greatest Achievements:

Forbes top 100 wealthiest men alive, 2010.

Forbes top 100 Where Are They Now? Biggest Losers 2011

Shooting Squirrels with Roman Candles, 1094295 views on youtube, viral video

Medal of Honor awarded in 2017 for throwing a hot dog in the path of a fleeing terrorist, and hog tying him with twizzlers

Real Name: Huckleberry

Character Description: Hillbilly living life on the road in the Appalachian Mountains.

Wrestler Persona: Comedic bumbling, beatnik idiot. He is a redneck hick, with little common sense. He runs into a lot of good and bad luck because he is predictably stupid, and sometimes unpredictably stupider than one might expect. Can be a total klutz at times. He is has lived the life of a rags to riches Beverly Hillbilly, and he wasted it all after he thought it would be a good idea to buy timeshares in Venezuela.

Character Alignment: True Neutral

Sex: Once my cousin and I started foolin' around. Does that count?

Weight: 149 lbs

Height: 5'10"

Home Town: Dublin, GA

Entrance Music: Hillbilly Deluxe, by Brooks & Dunn

Five Favorite Signature Moves:

    Ten Little Indians: Ten Right Hand Punches at the turnbuckle. (He kisses his opponent before the last punch)

    Moonshine Devine: He takes a swig of his moonshine, then leap off the top rope into a flying headbutt.

    Whippersnapper: Irish Whip into a flying clothesline.

    Hog Wild: A spinning fireman carry that stalls while he does a hog call, followed by a slam.

    Alabama Slam

Character Attributes: 50 Total Available Points.

Strength: 3

Speed: 12

Agility: 12

High Flying: 3

Brawling: 4

Technical: 1

Intelligence: 0

Stamina: 16

Finishing Move: Antifreeze (When his opponent kicks him in the gut, he might release a belch so foul, it renders his opponent senseless. He leaps over the opponent into a sunset flip to pin for the win.)

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