Gabrielle Montgomery










130 lbs.



Gabrielle Montgomery was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand to her South African father Eben and Maori mother Marianna resulting in her exotic looks and now famed caramel skin tone. From an early age she fell in love with professional wrestling, it was something her and her father watched together and something she would pretend to be as a little girl.  And as she grew older and blossomed into a beautiful young woman it was a love that didn't go away. 

But her journey to America and getting her foot in the door of the industry took years. No one had ever heard of her, no one really took her seriously, and most could never get past her looks and deemed her too fragile to actually be a pro wrestler. But years of relentless effort saw her make it and go on to travel the globe perfecting her craft competing in various different companies and winning a few Titles along the way. In her travels she came to be known as The Caramel Coated Goddess. A beautifully seductive woman that could seduce a blind man and out grapple an Olympian. And in her travels came many rumours and suggestions of an insatiable libido and many, many relationships. 

Along the way and as her fame for her wrestling career and her looks grew came many, many magazine covers, photoshoots, Playboy rumours, and parody pornography films. And Hollywood came knocking as well with a string of D List Horror Films that were seemingly only given the green light because Gabrielle would take her clothes off and expose her breasts. Wether it was fighting Zombies, killing Alien Octopuses, running from cannibalistic killers or  arresting perps every script managed to work in a scene or two of Gabrielle's nakedness.

And now there are the rumours growing that Gabrielle is actually in talks to shoot her first hardcore porno...