135 lbs.



Ambrosia is the quintessential schizophrenic, and with just cause. Some know about Ambrosia being a second generation wrestler, while still others know that her father was none other than Saul Manning, aka Zolomon, a sadistic beast of a man, whose troubled past almost got him banned from pro wrestling on many occasions. Saul was admitted to Dixmont Hospital and unfortunately, was able to escape from his confines a total of three times. During one of the other escape attempts, he took a nurse hostage and during a six hour stand off, tortured and raped her. This nurse, traumatized by the event, was admitted to the same facility where she had once worked until she gave birth to a daughter; Amber Rose.

Ambrosia was raised by her maternal grandmother for the first ten years of her life, only afforded brief visits from her father. Her own mental issues were known at a very young age, and many doctors and psychiatrists diagnosed her with everything from schizophrenia to a form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome. Ambrosia learned how to 'ride the wave' of euphoria from the things that she sincerely enjoyed doing, even at a young age, while also playing up to the innocence and vulnerability expected for someone of her age and gender.

'Reformed' and declared sane, Saul Manning regained custody of his biological daughter after the death of her grandmother and there remains to this day a dark period that isn't part of public record. There remain rumors of sightings of Saul and Ambrosia in places like Yuma, AZ, Amarillo, TX, and even Las Vegas, NV, but some of Ambrosia's formative years were kept in secret. Ambrosia's life has been a series of traumatic stresses, one after another, turning her into a sadistic prodigy of her father's, basking in the glow of her own megalomania and becoming that which her father was....a monster.

The woman known as the "Harlequin of Hardcore" and "Daddy's Little Sequel" has competed in a wide variety of promotions since her debut aged just 18 in 2009, including Motor City Wrestling, Global Division of Wrestling, Xtreme Fighting Federation, Chaotic Wrestling Federation, Global Championship Wrestling, EXODUS Pro and Independent Wrestling Cartel, among others. With her father's death in 2010 and her closest ally Vitriol unmasking, she felt alone, gathering a small following temporarily but it wasn't to last. In late 2015, she discovered a half-sister - Jynkz - who followed her into pro wrestling, while also aligning herself with a brand new Vitriol.