Name Contracted Feds Available
Boxmeat UOW Yes
Jessica Tendonin SCW Yes
The Fire RSW Yes
Kaden Grubbs Free Agent Yes
Q.R.S Free Agent Yes
Johnny Magat Free Agent No
Soothsayer RSWUOW Yes
Akeed ibn Umar al-Hayba RSW No
Huckleberry UOW Yes
Brother Buzi UOW Yes
California Kid Free Agent No
Dave RSW Yes
Pain Bringer SCCW Yes
Darla Knight UOW Yes
Ronald Washington UOW Yes
The Reaganator UOW Yes
Minos Vrykolakis Free Agent Yes
Ronald McStrump Free Agent Yes
Walter Reagan UOW Yes
Chau WF Yes
Nightmare Free Agent Yes
Rob Richie PPW Yes
no name Free Agent No
Jackson Daniels NGWGWF Yes