RE:RE: RSW cease and desist Posted 6 months ago by XCW

 “We here at XCW will not agree to such principles, and think it’s insulting and grounds for an impending war. Regardless if such thing, Joseph has consistently kept on the copyright of “Gang Warfare” alongside numerous other PPV names and themes due to his “never say never” when expressing his love for this business. And one more thing, from the stage hands to the talent to the arena officials, “Fuck RSW.”



Warforged: WWIII Posted 6 months ago by WF

The camera switches on and pans up to David Townsend sitting behind his desk at the Warforged Arena. He looks at the camera whilst nervously shuffling papers in front of him.

DAVE TOWNSEND: Hello people. Having been quiet for a few days after our blockbuster announcements of fighters signed by the company we have been working on another huge announcement. We didn't want to come out with anything until it was signed. 

He pauses for a few seconds before looking back at the camera.

DAVE TOWNSEND: After a few house shows to make sure we have knocked the kinks out of filming this epic sport we will be putting on a show of epic proportion. This show will be proof to the world that Warforged is a legit sport and not a glorified cock fight like some in the press have claimed. This show......No, this pay per view will show the world we are legit.

He smiles and puts down his papers and the picture fades to a picture of the pay per view's poster.


RSW responds to XCW re: "Gang Warfare" Posted 6 months ago by RSW

From the desk of Riot Star Wrestling's Management Committee:-

"RSW were unaware of any Gang Warfare copyright related to professional wrestling prior to the running of their own Pay Per View under this name, and certainly not as far back as 2011. Given the description provided, it is the opinion of our lawyers that, if 'Ruthless Uprising Wrestling' owned such a copyright to begin with, said copyright would have expired when 'Ruthless Uprising Wrestling' ceased trading. 

It should also be noted that RSW cannot and should not be expected to monitor the activities of every backyard and indie promotion in the world in case a trademarked property is used, and minor league promotions such as 'Ruthless Uprising Wrestling', as much as we're sure it had its charm, cannot realistically be expected to own and maintain any copyrighted material on a national or international level. It is only by virtue of the fact that XCW now has an international platform that the matter came to RSW's attention in the first place. 

RSW is keen to impress that it is not out for material gain, nor to tie other promotions up in legal paperwork, and therefore proposes a solution. Riot Star Wrestling will allow Xcellent Championship Wrestling to use the 'Gang Warfare' name for a Pay Per View broadcast, so long as prominent Riot Star Wrestling advertising is visible both inside the arena, and during commercial breaks in the broadcast.

RSW eagerly awaits a response."

XCW responds to allegations of “copyright infringement” Posted 6 months ago by XCW

As noted, RSW recently ran a story about XCW running an event called “Gang Warfare”. And sending us, a cease and desist notification. Acting head writer and booker alongside XCW Owner, Sidney Collier Jr. and Craig Knightly, Sam Joseph has the copyright for said event as far back as 2011, as he ran the original ‘Gang Warfare’, back when his upstart promotion “Ruthless Uprising Wrestling” was active and in business. And you best believe, RSW will be hit with a counter suit and a counter cease and desist legal action.

RSW files "cease and desist" against XCW Posted 6 months ago by RSW

It has come to the attention of our lawyers that Xcellent Championship Wrestling is intending to run a Pay Per View named 'Gang Warfare'. 

'Gang Warfare' is a very well known Riot Star Wrestling Pay Per View, and was run as recently as July this year. Our show can be viewed at this link

RSW does not wish to create ill feeling between itself and XCW, and is sure that this clear infringement of copyright is nothing more than an administrative oversight. 

As such, RSW has stopped short of filing a full lawsuit against XCW, and instead files a cease and desist order, in the hope that XCW will do the right thing.