XCW news for 2018 Posted 3 months ago by XCW

Show is up. I'm probably gonna post the "Christmas" Show, this Friday. And give a week for DL. We are having a awards show soon, as soon as we get polls up on the front page, you can come and vote for certain people to receive whatever.

Welcome to Alternative Wrestling Posted 3 months ago by AW

Alternative Wrestling launches with the launch of 2018. New Years day brings the rise of Alternative Wrestling, where Jason Kross will go one on one with Trent Deranged on the first ever episode of Fusion!


***DATELINE: 15th DECEMBER 2017***


It's the most wonderful time of the year....because Riot Star Wrestling's biggest show of the year is just around the corner! It's Feliz Navidad for the RSW roster, as they will be spending the festive period in Mexico, specifically the Mexico Plaza Monumental deTijuana, which plays host to the fourth annual AnarChristmas event, and it's a sellout already. 

The big news, of course, is that Reverend Shane Mitchell, fittingly, has been born again for Christmas. Seemingly recovered from the injuries he suffered at Garmr's hands months ago, he made a shocking return at the conclusion of Anarchy 33 and laid down a challenge that the beast simply couldn't turn down. Garmr could barely be contained from tearing the Bastards limb from limb last time out, and may have put Cedric Bek on the shelf for good - could Shane truly have learned anything in his time away that could stop the roster-eating monster in his tracks? 

With the World Heavyweight Championship tournament taking a back seat for the night, RSW has built a card designed to entertain and enthral for Christmas. The Bastards finally defend their RSW Tag Team Championships against the Family, Ragnar Magnusson's Legacy Championship opportunity comes around in what is surely bad news for incumbent champion Havok, and Dylan Erickson must somehow navigate an Anarchy Championship defence in a triple threat match with both 'D' and Jakie Wentzel, whose status as enemies or allies never seems to remain consistent. After a series of, frankly, bizarre incidents (even by RSW standards), Kevin Rouser finally faces off with Mark Force, in a match sure to be dedicated to the memory of British celebrity Keith Chegwin. 

In a battle of the boardroom, Chris Parsons makes his long awaited return to the ring in what, on the face of it, looks like a serious mismatch with RSW majority owner - and non wrestler - Armand von Krauss. Dan Rosen and Isaiah Zepp battle to determine a new number one contender for the RSW Anarchy Championship. In a comeback of what could be epic proportions, RUBY 'SLAUGHTER' WALSH returns to the RSW roster and will surely make a statement by laying waste to the increasingly erratic Devin Stone. Elizabeth 'Apathy' Devereux also returns to active service, going one on one with Nob Kerfuffle, who now owns the mantle of 'The Last Hooligan'. PWA stalwart Lil C makes his RSW debut as he steps into the ring with Sal Insincere, and we have a pair of debutants jerking the curtain as Danny Parsons tangles with Gruzo. 

This is a momumental night of action, and only a fool would miss it. Make sure YOU know where you'll be when RSW presents....ANARCHRISTMAS IV!


RSW ANARCHY 33 IS LIVE! Posted 4 months ago by RSW

***DATELINE: 13th DECEMBER 2017***



We are one event away from AnarChristmas IV, and good God did the deck of cards get knocked over at Anarchy 33! As the tournament progressed up and down the card, those who hadn't made the effort were brutalised from top to toe. A ragtag gang of long forgotten British celebrities wreaked havoc backstage. The Bastards paid tribute to their favourite entertainer from childhood. A Pinnacle Wrestling Association alumni reappeared from the wilderness, inserting himself into the strangest feud in wrestling. And one of RSW's greatest originals rose once more, stunning everybody inside the arena, and watching at home. There were shocking results, dark hints at a future full of danger, and a night of entertainment Columbia will never forget. 

What are you waiting for? Tune into Anarchy 33....right now!

European Wrestling Foundation due to open it's doors again, but will it? Posted 4 months ago by EWF

Statement from Owner Royal Ambassador released to the press today. (Thursday 30th November 2017)

The EWF has often been noted as a very different fed, different in the way it operates. Some people have welcomed these differences, for others it creates confusion and has in the past created tension. I would like to clarify the position in terms of how this fed has operated and will continue to operate in the future so that any roster members thinking of joining us can do so with a full understanding about what they should expect.

The question I am most often asked is how are wins and losses determined in the EWF and how does the fed operate generally?

Well, this is not a straight forward question as results are often determined based on activity. If there is a mutually agreed feud going on between two characters, they will both experience wins and losses as part of that story as it progresses.The feuds normally progress to a PPV where a win or a loss will be solely depend upon a RP submitted within a deadline and will be judged accordingly. The outcome of that match will be determined by the many qualities within that RP. The same goes for title matches as normally stories end at PPV's and title matches end up with a clear winner with a possible re-match clause in the contract. 

I will say that I have never been deliberately unfair to anyone.  I have received complaints in the past about matches being lost and was it down to the RP or the game AI.  I have ways of manipulating the attributes in game to determine the winner. I do this to keep it interesting and help stories and rivalry build up, this is no different to any promoter determining the outcome of a match as in real life promotions. Some people have complained and it has been from I am too big for your fed therefore I wan to be in the main event straight away, to I hope your fed get's washed down the toilet as my RP was way better than my opponent are you blind or something. Sometimes their RP is better but what people need to understand is that the EWf works much in the same way as wrestling promotions in real life. You start on small shows, you develop your character you win, you loose and you get stronger and people like you then they love you and then you get a title match. In other words you have to work hard at building up your own reputation.

I have always felt that if people RP and are active and reliable (when I say reliable I mean telling me they need time off too) that their time will come and it does. One guy messaged me once, he was a true veteran of e fed wrestling and a multiple time champion with different characters. He said look, I do not mind loosing but I am getting fed up with this now.  His character was on the way down and he had lost four or five matches every week over and over. But, he tole me, I respected that and we changed his character around and started again so he could start building it up again.

I hope by posting this, that it helps people to see the vision that I have had and continue to have in terms of running an e fed and being that bit different to other feds. I know it is not for everybody, but I also know that many people have really liked the EWF, it has a legacy now, four years of videos on You Tube! I have met some great guys, lots of them, and they have told me about how excited they have felt in anticipation of the next show. At the end of the day, we are all in this together, one thing in common, wrestling e fed wresting and roleplays. It is your choice to join or not to join, I have missed the EWF and making the shows and that is why I am back. I hope that there is still enough people around  who wish to return and enough new people around to add to the established four year legacy.  I want to create some more moments and I hope I am not left feeling disappointed. Either way only time will tell.