XCW responds to allegations of “copyright infringement” Posted 1 month ago by XCW

As noted, RSW recently ran a story about XCW running an event called “Gang Warfare”. And sending us, a cease and desist notification. Acting head writer and booker alongside XCW Owner, Sidney Collier Jr. and Craig Knightly, Sam Joseph has the copyright for said event as far back as 2011, as he ran the original ‘Gang Warfare’, back when his upstart promotion “Ruthless Uprising Wrestling” was active and in business. And you best believe, RSW will be hit with a counter suit and a counter cease and desist legal action.

RSW files "cease and desist" against XCW Posted 1 month ago by RSW

It has come to the attention of our lawyers that Xcellent Championship Wrestling is intending to run a Pay Per View named 'Gang Warfare'. 

'Gang Warfare' is a very well known Riot Star Wrestling Pay Per View, and was run as recently as July this year. Our show can be viewed at this link http://efedzone.com/fed/1/events/159

RSW does not wish to create ill feeling between itself and XCW, and is sure that this clear infringement of copyright is nothing more than an administrative oversight. 

As such, RSW has stopped short of filing a full lawsuit against XCW, and instead files a cease and desist order, in the hope that XCW will do the right thing. 

ANARCHY 31 IS LIVE Posted 1 month ago by RSW

***DATELINE: 24th OCTOBER 2017***


The tournament for the vacant Riot Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship got underway in Brazil, and in true RSW style, none of the big stories on the night revolved around the advertised entertainment. Vengador Oscuro was finally unmasked and his true identity was revealed as a well known, multi-time world champion in several promotions. New alliances were formed....one of which happened under duress. Backstage assaults happened...but probably not the type you're imagining. And the sort of family feud that would send Steve Harvey running for the hills had implications up and down the card. Who won? Who lost? Who's friends with who? The only way to find out....is to tune into Anarchy 31 right now! 

Warforged Signs New Talent Posted 2 months ago by WF

Warforged are proud to announce the acquistion of three new members to it's amazing locker room but also has signed another staff member. That new staff member is Warforged's new Chief Medical Examiner. He has had many moniker's over the years but he will now be known simply as Doctor Killjoy. The first of the new signings for the locker room is the Mexican Rudo, she is Lady Skourge. She is sure to make an impact with her devilish way. Talking about making an impact, the Irish woman known as Samaire is coming to Warforged, she is sure to be a big name in the future of the promotion. But when you talk about big name's none are bigger than Heinrich Klein. This guy was thought to be about at the very beginning of this era but cannot be proved as nobody has seen him without his mask on. Warforged welcomes all four to it's ranks.

Warforged Signs New Talent Posted 2 months ago by WF

Warforged are proud to announce the signings of four new talents for the promotion. The first being Fenrir Ragnarson who some say that this modern day Viking from Iceland is a pure monster. Secondly, the enigma known simply by the moniker of Bliss has agreed to terms to appear at Warforged's upcoming shows. Thirdly the great grand daughter of the original Miss USA makes her debut which is sure to bring in fans of her patriotic family; Miss America is sure to be good for the promotion. Lastly talking about being patriotic is the former US Marine who having been injured for his country has returned to the world as the Patriot. All four of these are sure to make an impact in Warforged.