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Statement from Owner Royal Ambassador released to the press today. (Thursday 30th November 2017)

The EWF has often been noted as a very different fed, different in the way it operates. Some people have welcomed these differences, for others it creates confusion and has in the past created tension. I would like to clarify the position in terms of how this fed has operated and will continue to operate in the future so that any roster members thinking of joining us can do so with a full understanding about what they should expect.

The question I am most often asked is how are wins and losses determined in the EWF and how does the fed operate generally?

Well, this is not a straight forward question as results are often determined based on activity. If there is a mutually agreed feud going on between two characters, they will both experience wins and losses as part of that story as it progresses.The feuds normally progress to a PPV where a win or a loss will be solely depend upon a RP submitted within a deadline and will be judged accordingly. The outcome of that match will be determined by the many qualities within that RP. The same goes for title matches as normally stories end at PPV's and title matches end up with a clear winner with a possible re-match clause in the contract. 

I will say that I have never been deliberately unfair to anyone.  I have received complaints in the past about matches being lost and was it down to the RP or the game AI.  I have ways of manipulating the attributes in game to determine the winner. I do this to keep it interesting and help stories and rivalry build up, this is no different to any promoter determining the outcome of a match as in real life promotions. Some people have complained and it has been from I am too big for your fed therefore I wan to be in the main event straight away, to I hope your fed get's washed down the toilet as my RP was way better than my opponent are you blind or something. Sometimes their RP is better but what people need to understand is that the EWf works much in the same way as wrestling promotions in real life. You start on small shows, you develop your character you win, you loose and you get stronger and people like you then they love you and then you get a title match. In other words you have to work hard at building up your own reputation.

I have always felt that if people RP and are active and reliable (when I say reliable I mean telling me they need time off too) that their time will come and it does. One guy messaged me once, he was a true veteran of e fed wrestling and a multiple time champion with different characters. He said look, I do not mind loosing but I am getting fed up with this now.  His character was on the way down and he had lost four or five matches every week over and over. But, he tole me, I respected that and we changed his character around and started again so he could start building it up again.

I hope by posting this, that it helps people to see the vision that I have had and continue to have in terms of running an e fed and being that bit different to other feds. I know it is not for everybody, but I also know that many people have really liked the EWF, it has a legacy now, four years of videos on You Tube! I have met some great guys, lots of them, and they have told me about how excited they have felt in anticipation of the next show. At the end of the day, we are all in this together, one thing in common, wrestling e fed wresting and roleplays. It is your choice to join or not to join, I have missed the EWF and making the shows and that is why I am back. I hope that there is still enough people around  who wish to return and enough new people around to add to the established four year legacy.  I want to create some more moments and I hope I am not left feeling disappointed. Either way only time will tell.


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***DATELINE: 16th NOVEMBER 2017***


RSW is stepping up the pace as we close in on AnarChristmas IV, and we're delighted to announce an extension to our tour of South America - this time, we're visiting Estadio El Campin down in Bogota, Columbia! With the roster still reeling from the events of Anarchy 32 - and, if sources are to be believed, Garmr's crew still chasing Billy Fowler around the streets of Chile in a car chase for the ages, focus now must turn to our final stop before the annual Christmas extravaganza. And that's probably just as well, because at some point they're going to have to park the cars and get in the ring - Fowler vs Garmr II is booked for Anarchy 33 as one of various tournament matches up and down the card. Also of interest is Dylan Erickson defending his newly won RSW Anarchy Championship against Nob Kerfuffle, who has stepped into the tournament in place of the departed Logan Omari. Hunter Valentyne has been booked on the card, but rumours are rife that the controversial star has walked out on the company in the midst of a scandal regarding allegedly faked footage of Rob Riot's son. 

If there's one thing the roster has shown us recently, it's that despite the tournament bookings, they just can't stop attacking each other, or making and breaking alliances, so who knows what's going to go down on the night? There's only one way to find out...join us! 


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***DATELINE: 15th NOVEMBER 2017***


Santiago, Chile, we loved you! We loved you, we fought in you, we bled in you, and we left you with a night neither you nor we will ever forget. For all we know, there are still RSW wrestlers high tailing it around your back streets in hot pursuit of each other even as we speak. But who, and how did they get into such a predicament? Who was revealed, shockingly, as Garmr's new associate? And who made the first dent on Garmr's entourage...and then man himself? Who humiliated Hunter Valentyne? Whose comeback was confirmed? Whose comeback is suspected? Have all the goalposts in RSW moved yet again? 

There's only one way to find out....tune into Anarchy 32 right now!

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***DATELINE: 27th OCTOBER 2017***


As we move on from Anarchy 31, with its revelations and reunions, we're headed off to Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile for Anarchy 32, and the second set of fixtures for the Riot Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship tournament! 

The fixtures throw up some interesting pairings:- Rob Riot going up against equally long-tenured former PWA veteran (and now former Koresh Clan member) Chris Gibson, the now-unmasked 'D' face to face with Hunter Valentyne, and the truly bizarre pairing of Nocturnal and Mark Force; and Devin Stone's luck doesn't seem to be getting any better as he finds himself in a non-tournament match with the monstrous Garmr. 

Speaking of Garmr, with his team's dismissal of Hunter Valentyne post Anarchy 31, the roster truly is lined up against him as RSW seeks to face down the largest individual threat the promotion has ever known. Warring factions seem to have put hostilities on ice, with members of the Bastards, the Remnant, the Koresh family and even Armand von Krauss himself seemingly willing to act together to prevent the monster from tearing the entire roster limb from limb. But can any of these alliances - each of them wrought with their own internal difficulties - truly be effective? 

Only one thing is for certain. From now until he's defeated, Garmr is an enemy of the state!