Warforged Signs New Talent Posted 1 week ago by WF

Warforged are proud to announce the acquistion of three new members to it's amazing locker room but also has signed another staff member. That new staff member is Warforged's new Chief Medical Examiner. He has had many moniker's over the years but he will now be known simply as Doctor Killjoy. The first of the new signings for the locker room is the Mexican Rudo, she is Lady Skourge. She is sure to make an impact with her devilish way. Talking about making an impact, the Irish woman known as Samaire is coming to Warforged, she is sure to be a big name in the future of the promotion. But when you talk about big name's none are bigger than Heinrich Klein. This guy was thought to be about at the very beginning of this era but cannot be proved as nobody has seen him without his mask on. Warforged welcomes all four to it's ranks.

Warforged Signs New Talent Posted 1 week ago by WF

Warforged are proud to announce the signings of four new talents for the promotion. The first being Fenrir Ragnarson who some say that this modern day Viking from Iceland is a pure monster. Secondly, the enigma known simply by the moniker of Bliss has agreed to terms to appear at Warforged's upcoming shows. Thirdly the great grand daughter of the original Miss USA makes her debut which is sure to bring in fans of her patriotic family; Miss America is sure to be good for the promotion. Lastly talking about being patriotic is the former US Marine who having been injured for his country has returned to the world as the Patriot. All four of these are sure to make an impact in Warforged.

Warforged Signs New Talent Posted 1 week ago by WF

David Alveraz announced earlier that some new talent had been signed by Warforged. The news didn't stop there as he is proud to announce the aquistion of four other great talents. The first is the American Rock Star Kozue Kijada whose tattooed pictures are on lots of magazines worldwide. Secondly as the promotion is coming from Mexico it wouldn't be right not to have a Mexican Luchador on it's talent roster and El Arana fills that spot. Thirdly, a mysterious man from San Francisco who believes himself to be the Chinese God Raiden. And then the last of this foursome is one of the reasons that this genetic manipulation has been banned in most countries in the world, it is none other than the Gorilla, Kang!

Warforged Signs New Talent Posted 1 week ago by WF

David Alveraz, the man behind Warforged held a press conference today in Mexico City with some special announcements. The first was to tell the fans that he had signed genre favourite David Townsend as the announcer for the promotion. Also announced was the first two names to sign up for the promotion as talent are the South African Theodore Kruger and the Greek talent that goes by the moniker of the Myrmiddon. Both of these outstanding talents will bring it to Warforged and more talent will be announced soon.

They Walk Amongst Us Posted 1 week ago by WF

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appeared on the screen in grainy black and white.

“Not since the moment of creation has our universe changed so infinitely, so desperately, so quickly,” he said. “Tonight – for the first time in brief history of mankind – We are truly of one planet. At this time the Allied forces are storming the beaches of Normandy, France. Fighting alongside our men is an extraordinary woman.  This Super Human is using her powers to defeat the Axis powers and is our first to take the war to our enemies.”

Newsreels proudly showed Miss USA defiantly walking up Omaha Beach with bullets flying past her head towards German emplacements. 

“This starts a war on another front,” he continued. “Powers around the world started to race to get their own Super Humans to help them in this war to end all wars. Meanwhile, in the Pacific theatre, the United States Navy suffers a series of disastrous defeats at the hands of Imperial Japanese Super Humans.”

Grainy black and white footage showed heroes strapped to tables as men in white coats stuck them with needles as they tried to extract their DNA. Various shots of Super Human are fighting around the world through the war years.

“Soon, all the major powers are embroiled in an arms race to develop more and stronger Super Humans,” he said. “Which lead to new war atrocities, including the mass extermination of prisoners of war and convict soldiers by both the Nazis and Soviets. As the war escalates, the enhanced humans themselves face the dehumanizing prospect of becoming pure living weapons.”

Static filled the screen before clearing up to a press conference by Barack Obama.

“Everyone remembers where they were on those fateful days,” he said. “Much like the day the Super Human suicide bomber flew into the skyscrapers on 9-11 or when JFK was killed in Texas by the Super Human from Russia, you would not forget. They have been amongst us for a long time but now you are only now seeing them with true eyes.”

Quick cuts of various Super Humans from around the world flash onto the screen. It is a spectacle, as we see bits and snippets of it all.  The picture bleeds red until we see the logo for Warforged.