-The Ahnenerbe, a scholarly division of the SS charged with uncovering archaeological and anthropological evidence for the origins of the Aryan race, mounted an expedition to Tibet.


-The third German Antarctic Epedition.


-Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Chile unite under one banner to form the Coalition of the Americas, allowing them to monopolize their resources, consolidate power over their neighbours, and dominate the global energy market in the years to come.


-The joint coalition launches a new nuclear missile test, causing massive worldwide condemnation towards them.

-The coalition artillery shells Falkland Islands. Killing several islanders and causing tensions to flare up to Falkland War levels.

-The Coalition strongly defends the atomic test. Calling it a, "Rightful response to American aggression"

-The President of the United States appears at the United Nations, to call for severe sanctions against the Coalition.


-The Coalition announces to the world during a United Nations meeting, a surprise plan to include other countries in the Coalition.


-Germany has a renewal of nationalism.


-All foreign troops are ordered to leave Germany by the end of the year.

-The Coalition begins to send military aid to Germany.


-Saudi Arabia and Iran join forces to try to combat the growing power of a radical group called ISIS. Oil wells and pipelines in the Arabian Peninsula burn uncontrollably, deeply affecting the world supply of oil.

-American troops begin to intervene after fighting spreads to Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, and Yemen.


-Riots spread across several US cities due to the collapse of the US dollar.

-Massive race riots begin in Germany. Foreigners are lynched, raped, murdered, and assaulted across the country. The government of Israel is infuriated, and demands the riots to stop.

-The last US troops leave Afghanistan.

-General Diego Almagro, the leader of the Coalition, begins a staunch anti-American purge, ordering all U.S.-born people living within Federation territory to leave or be imprisoned. This quickly draws the attention of the U.S. government.


-Terrorist affiliated with Germany capture and sabotage several American nuclear reactors. Killing thousands and causing massive worldwide condemnation towards them.

-The US Navy pulls all ships from around the globe, to try and help secure the American homeland.


-The Coalition continues its rise to superpower status and begins an expansionist campaign northward, conquering Central America and the Caribbean.

-German troops are given updated military equipment from the Coalition.

-Marshal Law is declared around the continental US, Massive riots spawn in dozens of American cities.

-Saudi Arabia and Iran’s coalition ends as both sides are reduced to ruin by ISIS.

-Gas prices begin to go over $20.00 a gallon. Many gas stations begin to report massive lines, and empty pumps. 

-Germany continues the annexation of countries around them.


-An unknown flu pandemic spreads across the US. Over six million Americans are dead.

-The Coalition's Army troops deliver hurricane relief aid to Cuba, causing worldwide commendation.


-The Mexican and Canadian governments closes all borders to American refugees.

-OPEC announces that they will refuse to trade in American dollars. They will now only accept Euros, Chinese Yuan’s, and gold. The American economy is now in a deep recession. Causing investors on Wall Street to begin to panic.

-The President orders a freeze on all bank withdraws in America.

-The United States has an unemployment rate of 66%.

-Law enforcement officers in the United States are overwhelmed by riots; causing many to abandon their posts, or simply to join the rioters.


-NATO all but falls apart due to disagreements and rising problems amongst themselves. It finally dissolves by the end of the year.

-Poverty in the United States, hits record numbers.

-The Coalition soldiers start a peacekeeping mission in Nigeria. Ambassador’s worldwide laude the Coalition in a positive light.


-The Russian government is now controlled by Ultranationalists. Many of whom want a reformation of the Iron Curtain. They sign a non-aggression pact with the expanding Germany.

-The New York Stock Exchange suffers the worst trade day since the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Investors lose tens of millions of dollars in just a few hours.


-Many Americans begin to immigrate to neighbouring states. California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona suffer as they try to handle hundreds of thousands of refugees.

-The Governor of Texas announces that any refugees trying to enter Texas illegally will be shot on sight. The Governor's reason is stated as: "Texas doesn't have the resources, or manpower to handle any more refugees. We need to worry about our own citizens". The American government is infuriated, and demands the state of Texas to stop. California and Arizona soon follow in Texas' example. By the end of the year, more than 500 people have been killed.


-Germany and the Coalitions annexation spreads despite the protests of the international community.

-An unknown force sends missiles into the United States. El Paso, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (partially), Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, and San Francisco are destroyed; 27 million are estimated to be killed as a result. The United States becomes crippled and is no longer recognized as a superpower nation.

-The Coalition launches an invasion against the United States.

-Despite the damage, the United States holds their ground against the invading Coalition forces. That is until the unknown force joins the war. Their technology is light years ahead of anything else seen around the world. The Coalition and Germany turn out to be actually part of what was believed to be a force from Antarctica. The Swastika is raised around the world once again as the Nazi’s are back.

-The German forces start an ethnic cleansing of the newly conquered lands in Eastern Europe. The Slav populations are either enslaved, deported to Siberia or exterminated, and their lands resettled by ethnic Germans. Poles are already being enslaved, deported and exterminated before 2024.

-The other Germanics of Europe (Dutch, Scandinavians, Swiss, etc.), deemed to be racially valuable by the Nazis, are targeted for Germanization and to eventually be included in a Groβgermanisches Reich (Greater Germanic Reich).