Ignition #9: "A Marketable Night"

2017-11-30 00:00:00

The aftermath of Gang Warfare as we come to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. for the first time in XCW history.



Date: TBA Location: TBA, Capacity: unknown

Sam Joseph XCW World Heavyweight Champion
XCW World Television Champion Dravaka Drimstone
Ricky Pecs XCW 'Xtreme Heritage' Champion
XCW World Tag Team Champions Dravaka Drimstone Devin Stone

Hello everyone, we the staff of XCW wanted to do a Roll Call of people who are still around, and wants to stay with us as we reopen. If you are new and would like to join XCW we welcome you as well. This ROLL CALL is very important for our (staff & writers) benefit so that we can get the Roster page up to date but it can also help with weeding out inactives in the title divisions as well, and also planning out our first card in March.  Please go  ----à HERE in the XCW forums for more directions. Thank you, we hope to see everyone soon!