Welcome to Azure's Efed Wrestling Training Camp. The Training Camp is an E-Wrestling School. In real life, wrestlers go to schools to learn the ropes (and how not to kill themselves). Unfortunately, E-Wrestling is seriously lacking a place where E-Wrestlers can go to learn and get advice from handlers that have experience. The purpose of this training campis to help newcomers learn about E-feding and to be good at it. For the veterans, it will help them to perform better in an E-fed. Although The Training Camp is designed for Xcellent Championship Wrestling (XCW) and New Generation Wrestling (NGW). It can also be used to help become a better wrestler in other E-feds as well. Have fun and feel free to go through all of our training pages, and when you finish, you could become one of the greatest E-wrestlers on the net or even Efedzone.


The training pages in The Training Camp are separated into three phases. Phase 1 is for the basics of E-Wrestling and creating characters. Phase 2 is for more experienced wrestlers. Phase 3 is additional info that can be helpful to all E-Wrestlers.