How It Works

Steem Power Wrestling is an ewrestling efed where participants can post original roleplays, participate in matches, win titles, and contribute to events that will be posted on a semi-weekly basis.

Earn Steem Power

By posting roleplays on, participants will be able to earn Steem tokens, which they can invest, or exchange for real money in their own currency using It is really easy to earn money once you get started.

Right now Steemit is still growing, and communities are forming every day. I want SPW gain visibility to the already existing Steemit community of roleplayers, writers, artists, and wrestling fans. Through them, we're going to use the #ewrestling hashtag to build popularity back into SPW and any other efeds that might eventually spring up on the Steemit blockchain. It will be like the good 'ole days when indy feds competed in territory wars for the best talent, and the hottest drawing wrestlers to make tons of money from the fans. This time, instead of selling seats, we're going to posting on Steemit to earn curation rewards from the fans.

Ever since I joined I have earned hundreds of Steem dollars, and it continues to grow every day I am actively posting and curating posts. Yes, that's right! You can get paid money just for reading roleplays, and rewarding your favorite ones. That means there is a real incentive now to post your content online, and have it viewed. People want to read your creative work, and I want to use the efedzone here to help manage it all into an efed system to manage wins and losses, and to archive our posts for easy referencing.

Gain Popularity

Every time you post on steemit, you will probably gain followers, and votes on your posts. Everyone in SPW will also be viewing your posts, and voting on your posts that they like. You don't have to create a steemit account to post only roleplays. You can post about any other topics you are interested in too. Only posts tagged with #ewrestling will be used for participation in this efed.

As you gain reward payouts, you can re-invest it into Steem Power, which makes your votes more valueable. You can literally pay yourself more money, every time you post. Once in a while your post might go viral, and you'll earn hundreds of dollars on a single post. You can cash it out, or you can re-invest it into Steem Power. Its up to you. As you gain more wealth, you'll also gain more followers and popularity. The #ewrestling tag will start helping the entire efed ecosystem to grow. You'll be a celebrity, and others will be rushing in to join SPW because they want to be like you, and maybe become the next star. This is how legends are made.

Here's how events will run...

I'm still in the developmental stages of how the actual fed here will run, so let me know if you have suggestions on how I should revise this system described below.

A small staff of bookers will be in charge of selecting match winners based on the roleplays submitted in the week prior to an event. They will pick the match winner based on which wrestler submits the one single best roleplay of the week. Any other roleplays written will still gain rewards from the steemit community, but their votes and rewards will never determine the winner as it could be manipulated to easily.

Wrestlers will be allowed to also post the match results on steemit. If they want to lose to a disqualification, they can write the match they way they wanted themselves, or they can work with someone else, post it on steemit, and share the payout rewards. As soon as the the bookers agree on who the match winner will be, they will look and see if either wrestler participant in the match has posted their version of how they think the match results should be written. The winner gets to have their results posted in the final event. This makes it more interesting, because the person with the best roleplay who "won", might actually choose to lose match for story purposes, and that is okay if that is their choice. This saves everyone a lot of work and headache, because the match writing is already done.

Events will be posted in a quick results format. Links to the top roleplays will be posted as promos in the event, and links to the written matches will also be linked to. Winners for each match will be announced without a lot of fuss, however if people want to write out the entire match details, they are free to do so and post it prior to the event. The bookers get to determine if it is good enough quality to include as the actual match results.

Upcoming matches will be announced at the end of the event. Bookers will choose the upcoming matches based on suggestions from the writers who participated in the recent past weeks.

Upcoming Plans

Discord: We'll set up a channel to collaborate ideas. Here you'll be able to work out storylines, or talk about ideas for events, or contribute ideas to make SPW better. I need staff especially to help me run day to day operations like moderating the forums and the discord channel.

Artists: There are many awesome artists offering free services on steemit. For a little tip of some steem or votes, they'll probably be happy to help us make custom graphics for the roster and SPW. We can also use our own talents on the roster, showcase our new art graphics on steemit, and earn some dough.

Dtube: Forget youtube, dtube is the new trend. No censorship on monitizing your earnings. Dtube is part of the steem blockchain, so you can post videos using the same account. Every time you post something like a video of your entrance theme with graphics, you'll get paid for it. You can also link/embed your dtube video into all of your future roleplay posts. Dsound is the same thing, except audio only. I used to love it when people would read their roleplays or event matches in character. It is very entertaining, and I think anyone who posts content like this will probably earn a lot of money once it becomes popular and you gain a following.

Web Design: I'm still getting used to the formatting structure of things here on efedzone. Steemit uses markdown to format posts, which is very easy and similar. If we get some experts willing to post some sample templates using cool graphics like banners, bars, footers, and formatted text blocks to help people make their posts look better, then I think we're going to look much more professional in the content we post. By training each other to post writing that looks more polished, it will attract viewers like bees to the honey.


Anything else?

Let me know if you have any other ideas to help the popularity of SPW to grow. Start a post in the forum. Don't forget to introduce yourself.