Welcome to Steem Power Wrestling.

I am looking for new recruits interested in using the Steemit.com platform to make an efed here that makes real money for all writers and staff participating.

After working in efeds for many years, including working with LAL, the lead developer who designed the brilliant fed building platform everyone is enjoying here on efedzone, I have been looking for a platform to reinvigorate writers to produce good quality content on a consistent basis. I believe Steemit is the solution, as every post gains real payment rewards and visibility way beyond an obscure website.

Currently I am seeking collaborators to help me out in my vision. There is a lot of great talent here, and I want to fill it up with some nitrogen oxide to evolve things to the next level of super popularity so this artform can continue to grow.

Hit me with a private message if you want to collaborate with me.


- Advisors/Staff

- Wrestlers/Talent/Writers

- Discord Moderators

- Artists

- Steemit followers to build a wealthy community here on efedzone.com