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The EWF has often been noted as a very different fed, different in the way that it operates.  some people really like these differences, for others it creates confusion and has in the past created tension. I want to clarify the position in terms of how this fed has operated and will continue to operate in the future so that those thinking of joining us can do so with full understanding about what they should expect.

Most important question, how are wins and losses determined in the EWF and How does it all work?

Well, this is not a straight forward question as results are often determined based on activity, if there is a mutually agreed feud between two people and then both will win and loose matches leading to a big match on a PPV. Sometimes people who have been with the EWF for a while and won titles then start coming back down again and loose to people on the way up, that;s life folks in wrestling. The only time I can honestly say that results are based directly from a RP is when it is a title match or a PPV match. This is the end of the line, no more stories, no more feuds just plain and simple somebody is walking out the champ or not.  I must say I have never been unfair on anyone, I have lot's of complaints about loosing matches in the past and it is normally from people who feel they should win because of their reputation or that their roleplay is way better than their opponents. sometimes it is, but what people have to understand is that as in real wrestling shows, you do not just start in a fed and go round winning against the popular big main event wrestlers straight away you have to build up your own reputation.

One guy complained to me once saying, I hope your fed gets washed down the toilet along with your lack of ability to judge roleplays effectively (I edited out the swearing and the abuse for obvious reasons).  I tried to explain but he didn't want to to listen. Yes his RP was better than the other guy but this was his first match against a main roster member on a televised show.  I have always felt that if people RP and are active that their time will come and it does. One guy messaged me a champion many times over and was loosing every week. He lost like four matches every week, continuously and eventually he PM me saying I have had enough of loosing. Now I got that, straight away I could understand it all, so I changed things around and we looked at another angle for his character so they could start rising up again, that is how it works! 

I hope by posting this, that it helps people to see the vision I have had and continue to have in terms of running an e fed and being that bit different to other feds. I know it is not for everybody, but I also know that people have really liked the EWF, I have met some great guys, lots of them and they have told me how excited they feel waiting to watch the shows. At the end of the day, we are all in it together and we have a choice to join or not to join.  I miss the EWF and I miss making the shows, that is why I am back and I hope that there is still enough people around who want to come back and enough new people who want to experience the EWF. I hope I am not disappointed but either way I am waiting to find out.