[The scene opens up to the Playboy Mansion, a closer zoom in goes to a huge Jacuzzi spa bath, seated in it are Mad dog Paul Soutter, Joe Pesci, Mel Gibson and Mark Harmon. Seated inbetween each of them is two girls, one under each mans shoulder, all 12 hold a shot glass up in the air.]

Soutter : To Adrian Tanner

[Soutter skulls his shot, as do all the other 11.]

Soutter : Man o Man, i still don’t believe it.

[Soutter necks down half a beer.]

Soutter : You know guys, when we relaunched SWAT 12 months ago, Tanner was the first person i went to, the very first. Without his support, i don’t know if we would of re opened. He was great like that, always there for us, all he said was simply. SWAT is my home. Im IN!

He called himself the Pride of SWAT, and i tell you all, he was that and so much more. We were so proud of everything he did here and accomplished, he was the face of SWAT, he reached heights here with us that none have!

He will never be able to be replaced, but remember and honour him we will!

[A buxom hottie with a round tray full of shots appears outside the spa, and everyone grabs another shot and necks them.]

Soutter : And our honouring begins in this tribute card we are running. I must say, the response of all our friends around the world has been remarkable, so many gladly wanting to participate and be a part of it as they all honour and remember him in their own way.

Not least of all, my scheduled opponent, Robert Hunglestein the Third.

Soutter : (to the camera) Hunglestein! I could say this is the day i have been waiting for, but that would be a lie. I could go on a rant about how i have cursed your name since the day so long ago you left the Bandits to sell out to Angel and stuck a knife in my back to do so, and how much it ate up at me all them years ago and how i never forget and will finally have my vengeance on you, and that the Anzac Cup was just an appetiser and now this will be the main course.

I could say this whole thing has got me feeling a little nostalgic, and remembering also the good times we had in this business. I could say i don’t blame you for selling out, you saw your chance, and you took it. Of all the heights Tanner reached here in SWAT, you also reached in our pre SWAT days in not only the UWA but also the great Hardkore World. You sir are a true great.

I could say that and wish you the best, but i just cant. I find it so ............. infuriating, that you, YOU! Can think you can waltz back in here and get to battle me, ME! The Big Bad Bustling Bandit!

After you have been missing all this time, you think so highly of yourself that you think you can get by me in our tribute to our greatest star. That you can breeze past me on this night of all nights. That makes me crazy with rage.

Pal. Let me tell you something. There is nothing i will not do to make this night a success, and this company a success and bring it back to the glory we once had. NOTHING! And if that means caving an old has been like yours skull, all the better.

Joe Pesci : Get this thru your head you Jew Mother Fucka YOU!

Soutter : Take a look around, this is how the KGB role. Joe Mother Fucken Pesci, Riggs and Gibbs, what a tag team that would BE! And look at all these fine tag teams in the spa with us.

[Shot zones around the hot bikini cleavage of the playboy bunnies.]

Mel Gibson : Enough of the Turd, Suit. Tell us of some of the good times with Tanner.

Soutter : You got it. O man, there was this time when we were in hiatus, and he and i were working on a new project, well, we went for lunch across from the SWAT offices at Macca’s, and this nice girl there was so pleasant to me and gave me the look, i just had to have her. I looked at him, and he knew, we are coming back here for lunch again tomorrow, i smiled and that we did, and the next day, and the next day, and the next 50 days. Poor bugger put on 20 pounds.

Joe Pesci : Did ya fuck her?

Soutter : Did i what. Let me tell you, we even got a tub of that chesseburger sauce, would make sandwiches with it, damn, i smeared that shit all over her hot bits and even with it looking like it was blood gushing out of there i would gobble that shit up like the fn hamburgler. What a wingman.

[They all look at him in silence for an skward moment.]

Soutter : They don’t call me the Sheik of Freak for nothing.

Mark Harmon : I didn’t know they did.

Soutter : Well, they don’t, but, they do NOW.

Joe Pesci : (slapping the water and irritably to one of his women under his arm) See Iris, why don’t you do Fucken shit like THAT!

Mark Harmon : How about in the ring Suit? Got some stories of Tanner in the ring?

Soutter : I could write a freaken book Gibbs. (Harmon looks non plused being referred to as his NCIS character but knows not to correct the Centre of Attention) I would have to say the two stand outs are his epic fued with the Ace Sly Fondell. They sold out the world. And then teaming together with him to thwart Legion X. Ohhhh those were the days.

Iris : Where is Bruno Suit?

Soutter : I gave him a couple of weeks off, he and DK are preparing for their tag match against Rick Owens boys.

Joe Pesci : Where is Bruno? There the FUCK IS BRUNO? What the Fuck do you care where the Fuck Bruno is? Is that what you want is it? Seven Foot Tall Fucken Compton Colossal Bruno?

Iris : It was just a question.

The waitress appears with another tray of shots, everyone grabbing one.

Joe Pesci : (to the waitress) Thats how you do it. Tell me something, how come you are serving them drinks and not in here with Fucken US?

Waitress : Its my first day sir.

Joe Pesci : Well, miss first day on the job, how would you like to tell your grand kids about the day you blew Joe Pesci in the Playboy Mansion while The Big Bad Bustling Bandit demoed you from behind?

Waitress : (smiling sluttily) Well .................. i am not sure .............

Joe Pesci : Lesson one. Don’t Fucken speak! Now, get your sexy ass in here. You (to Iris) hit the bricks, you have been replaced, go get us another tray of shots. Where is Bruno. Fuck Me! Kiss her i will be tasting Eddie Murphy and Danny Glover.

[Iris storms out of the spa, and the waitress coyly comes in. Mark Harmon makes his way out ... holding out his hand and 7 of the girls follow him.

Mark Harmon : Good luck at the Memorial show Suit. What you doing Mel?

Mel Gibson : Im (grinning) staying.

[Mark Harmon walks off flanked by the tarts like he was Ric Flair as the scene fades to Bass guitar porn riffs.]




part 2


Scene opens up to SWAT HQ. The Sovereign of SWAT, Mad Dog Paul Soutter, is seated in his office, feet up on the desk and a big newspaper in front of him, standing behind him to his left shoulder is the Compton Colossal and his bodyguard, Bruno.

The shot zooms in on the newspaper, showing a front page that reads ...

JOE PESCI, MEL GIBSON and Wrestler to be charged with rape!!!

There is a huge double photo shot of Pesci and Gibson, and a small insert in the corner of Soutter.

Shot shows Soutter, his jaw wide open reading as he reaches for his phone and presses Joe Pesci’s name in.

Screen switches to a split screen to show Soutter still in his office on one side, and Pesci power walking thru the SWAT HQ corridors in the other.

Soutter : JOE! Have you seen this shit man?!

Joe Pesci : Have i fucken seen it? Damn straight i have fucken seen it!

Soutter : Wow! Says that waitress from the Playboy Mansion we Shishkabobbed was under age, and we are going to be charged with Statutory rape.

Joe Pesci : Hellloooo .... Are you a god damn imbecile?

Soutter : What? God, i would never of guessed she was underage, we demolished her, shishka ....

Joe Pesci : (cutting him off by storming thru his office door and throwing his phone at Suit as the screen reverts back from the split screen) How many times have i told you you stupid mother fucker! Never speak on the phone!

Soutter : Well, umm, never actually.

Joe Pesci : I shouldn’t have to, everyone knows this, its the FIRST rule! Never_Speak_On_The_Phone! They are listening.

Soutter : Who is “they”?

Joe Pesci : Them.

Soutter : Ohh, right.

Joe Pesci : What a right mess this is. Underage my left nut.

Soutter : Must be some sort of publicity stunt?

Pop up over Suits head has him drooling at his name and thus SWAT’s free advertising being plastered all over the world.

Joe Pesci : Fucked if i know, but we are going to have to get to the bottom of it.

Soutter : I’ll get it sorted, there has to be some sort of explanation.

Joe Pesci : Ohhh, you’ll get it sorted it will you? My life is on the edge, my career possibly over, and its ok though, cause “you’ll sort it”.

Bruno : Watch it dawg, no one speaks to the Sovereign like that.

Soutter : Its ok Bruno, its just his way.

Joe Pesci : Yeah Brunnnnno. It’s just my_way. Besides, we are all Bandits here.

Bruno : You are no Bandit! Your not KGB!

Joe Pesci : Sticky Bandit.

Pesci smiles and his gold tooth sparkles with a star and the appropriate sound effect, Home Alone Reference Baby! Fist pump!

Soutter : And as if this crap with that waitress wasn’t enough, i got booked in a match by Slain with Marcus White! I mean, What the Hell? He must of done something to offend Slain to get set against me and get his lights knocked out, either that or I did something to offend Slain and he is punishing me putting me in the kiddie corner.

Bruno : I got Bishop too boss, whats with that, im meant to be retired.

Joe Pesci : You can’t take him “dawg”?

Bruno : Ohh, i can and WILL take him Pesci, and you too if you want to find out just what the Compton Colossal can do!

Soutter : No need for that, save it for Bishop, as for Marcus White, i may need a translator by time this one is done.

Joe Pesci : You may need more than that, you could be having this match live from the clink if these mother fuckers get there way.

Soutter : No prison in this world can hold me! And no man in this business can stop me! I just retired Hunglestein once and for all at the Tanner tribute, and next is going to be that walking deviant and poorest excuse for a wrestler i have ever seen Marcus White.

I’m gonna destroy that hump and his perverted ass is going to be calling for sponge baths from the emergency ward by the time im done with him.

Im the Suit!

The Big Bad Bustling Bandit!

The Centre of Attention!

Master of the Powerslam!

The Sovereign of SWAT!

Pesci gives him the Rocky look they give Apollo for all his monikers


I got the Skill to thrill!

The Name to Entertain!

I’m loud and proud and well ENDOWED!!!

And i like it, like that!





part 3


[Scene opens to the ICU ward of the Washington hospital. The hospital room is more a hybrid of a hospital room, and the SWAT board room. James Fierce is lying in the bed bandaged like he is John Black]

 Posted Image

[Is that James Fierce or John Black? Perhaps it’s Roman Brady? Maybe it is Forrest Alamain? How do we know it is James Fierce. Well, the name plate on the flip chart at the end of the bed is good enough for us.

Also in the room seated beside each side of the bed are the Compton Colossal, Bruno and Joe Pesci. Standing up at the far wall in front of a white board with a magic marker in hand is the Big Bad Bustling Bandit, Mad Dog Paul Soutter. The Sovereign of SWAT to you. And if Triple V can go to Heaven for his setting, we can combine the SWAT board room and the Washington ICU burns room.

Soutter : (drawing on the white board three boxes) So what i want Bruno, is for you to make me one of your memes.

Why do they pronounce them meems anyway? I always thought it was pronounced memm. Should be called me me’s for all the people posting them saying “look at me!” but i digress. What i need my man, is for you to make me one, with three pictures in it.

[Suit writes the names Eric Herrera, Mike Sanzone and Rich Anderson in each box on the white board.]

Soutter : Alongside these three pictures, it will say “One gets all the girls. One scares all the girls away. One has NO interest in girls. and then the people assign which to which.

Bruno : Only one problem boss. NONE of them get ANY girls!!!

[WHAM! A stubby thrown from Joe Pesci crashes into the white board, glass shattering everywhere and beer all over the area.]

Joe Pesci : ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKEN MIND!? We are in the middle of a catastrophe, and you’re playing stupid games with stupid meme’s about inconsequential nobodies! Take a look at THIS!

[Pesci grabs the remote control from the bed table, and switches the big screen SWAT Tron from the board room on which just so happens to be in the hospital room.

The screen comes on to show Matthew McConaughey standing in front of a podium addressing a press conference]

Matthew McConaughey : Ladies and Gentleman of the press, thank you for your time today. I am here to let you people know, THE people of Los Angeles! That as your Assistant District Attorney, that we will no longer stand by and let the superstars of Hollywood, and the sleaze wrestlers and all others for that matter, that we will no longer let them have their way with our daughters, and our sisters.

What happened at the Playboy Mansion two months ago with Mel Gibson, Joe Pesci and Paul Soutter “shishkabobbing” (Pesci glares daggers at Soutter at the term) that poor innocent minor was a DISGRACE! And as your representative, i will do WHATEVER is necessary to bring these culprits to justice!

For too long have this type thought they could use and abuse and throw away the youths of our world, like play things existing merely for their amusement. This young girl was no play THING! She was a MINOR! And they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Female Reporter : Assistant District Attorney McConaughey, you were one of these privileged stars not so long ago, and only thru living that life were you able to use your fame to obtain your position ....

Matthew McConaughey : (cutting her off) Thanks, i was very lucky to live a privileged lifestyle, but never did i indulge in such vulgar acts, the fact that it has gone on for so long, wait, not even gone on, but been ACCEPTED to go on, that is what i can no longer accept! These perpetrators WILL be held to account!

2nd Female Reporter : Sir, previously, you have been renowned for removing your clothing, will your be doing so throughout this trial?

Matthew McConaughey : (undoing his shirt buttons and standing now with it wide open like the Rock) I would say the chances of that happening are 100%

Male Reporter : Sir, no offence, but what credentials do you have, how can you be qualified to ....

Matthew McConaughey : I got Carl Lee Hailey off! And that was cold blooded murder!

[Pesci angrily turns the TV off and hurls the remote across the hospital room.]

Joe Pesci : Carl Lee Hailey? What the fuck is going on in this world?! Next i should defend us because i got the Karate Kid off in My Fucken Cousin Vinny!

Soutter : No need for that, we got the SWAT suits on it, Gavin Slater has handled all the SWAT legal wrangles for over a dozen years now, he is the best in the business, this is just a beat up and ......

Joe Pesci : A BEAT UP? A GOD DAMN BEAT UP? It’s all over the news! My agent has me lined up to do some charity quiz show gala even next week! Just to get on side with the public!

Soutter : A quiz show? GREAT! I’m the trivia king! Get me on the show.

Joe Pesci : Done. I have no F’n clue who to get, so your one less to worry over.

Soutter : Really, well, you know who would make a good guest for you then, always helping the charities ... Kim Cattrall!

[Bruno and even the bandaged unconscious James Fierce moan as one, Pesci doesn’t pick it up.]

Joe Pesci : Cattrall? We share the same agent! I’ll get him on it. Leave’s only one more for the panel.

Soutter : (a gleeful look on his face at the prospect of working with Cattrall) Well, how about we get a quiz show host to be on the panel, seems fitting if they are normally asking the questions, this time, they can answer them.

Bruno : Steve Harvey.

Joe Pesci : Get the brothers represented too! I like it.

[Bruno glares at Pesci.

Soutter : You really need to work on your anger Joe. I mean, it’s all well and good flying off the handle willy nilly every time you want to swear, but to waste good beer?

Joe Pesci : What can i say, I’m worked up. Now this Matthew McConaughey fuck wants to get in our business. I knew that fucker had it in for me ever since i beat him for the role of Jimmy Hollywood. I’m gonna get that Fucker!

Soutter : He is working his way up my list too. Along with Triple V! That turkey has left our brother here fighting for his life, and mark my words, the object of our match may be to be the last one to leave the Haunted House, but it doesn’t say the others have to leave breathing!

Lots of things can happen in a Haunted House. By the time that night and match is over, we will never see or hear from him in SWAT again.



Great wrestlers and foes. We have been around the block a hundred times, maybe more. A Haunted House block, maybe not. Tanner was always ahead of everyone else, for him to leave these plans in place, it is a nice closure to us losing him. For Johnny Evil to be included, a master stroke. I look forward to tangling with him.

But Viper. Man, this guy is the bottom of the barrel. We are all trying to mourn and move forward, and he is running around with a stupid puppet mocking our fallen brother. Then, burns Fierce!

Snake man. (to the camera) Your finished pal. Fin_ished!

[Fade. Too be continued ...... ]




part 4


[We pick up from where we left off, in the Washington ICU. Fierce is sleeping on his hospital bed, still bandaged. The shot pans around and we see that Soutter, Bruno and Joe Pesci are all also sleeping, in their chairs around the room.

Via the magic of television, and IWrestling, we see what they are dreaming above their heads.

Soutter is dreaming of Kim Cattrall. After all these years, his obsession for her runs DEEP, DEEPER than any of you can get in her, but not HIM!

Switch to Fierce, and he is dreaming of Triple V burning him, he is reliving it, and writhing in the bed, no one awake to comfort him.

Switch to Joe Pesci, and he is dreaming of Mathew McConaughey, he has him in the boot of his car, and is shanking him with a kitchen knife, repeatedly, over and over and over and over and over again.

Switch to Bruno and he is dreaming of bossing Soutter around, and telling him to go fetch him some 8 ball from the shop.

Switch to Soutter, and he is dreaming of instant messages flying to him from the likes of Sanzone, Hererra and Rich Anderson, his face is crumbled up in distaste and thinking these bitches are the same humps who scream and yell on messenger but can’t cut a promo to save their life, and he is disgusted with the way they have tried to move our great efed world, and he vows to destroy them all, each and every one of them, by any means necessary.

Switch to Bruno, also thinking of any means necessary, and he is dreaming himself on the podium of the Olympics in 1968 with his fist raised.

Switch to Pesci and he is dreaming of when he Mel Gibson and Soutter Shishkabobbed that waitress in the playboy mansion spa, his dream waivers to the cheeseburger sauce story Suit told and how he needs to get him some of that, it then flickers to Hugh Hefner and his passing and the sorrow for a friend’s loss, it then flickers back to the Shishkabobbing, and a creepy smile comes over his sleeping form.

Switch back to Fierce, who is still dreaming of Triple V fire balling him, he is squirming in the bed, the machine of his heart rate beeping a little quicker.

Switch to Soutter and he is dreaming of the trunk of his car now, Mike Sanzone is in it, and Suit is shanking him Pesci style, over and over and over. Yeah, Suit don’t like little punks yelling at him and rage quitting when they are wrong and then threatening him and his fed and screen shotting replies about him, Paul hangs onto that shit, for a long TIME.

Switch to Bruno, he is dreaming of when he won and was the first ever TKOW World Champion. He is proud and beaming in his sleep.

Switch to Pesci, he is dreaming of when he won his Academy Award and made the shortest acceptance speech in history. Much like Vile “vince” Vipers cock is the shortest in history and his SWAT B effort was the smallest in history.

Switch to Fierce and he is dreaming of Triple V on a stake, a bonfire of wood around him engulfing him on the pyre.

Switch To Soutter also dreaming of Triple V On the Pyre.

Switch To Bruno also dreaming of Triple V On the Pyre.

Switch To Pesci also dreaming of Triple V On the Pyre. This is weird.

Switch to Fierce dreaming of swerving Hunglestein at the Anzac Cup

Switch to Soutter defeating Hunglestein and the Tanner memorial.

Switch to Bruno dreaming of Soutter offering him a spot as his body guard and to join the KGB, the best day of his life.

Switch to Pesci dreaming of rehearsals to Casino dragging women’s heads into his crotch.

Switch to Fierce dreaming of his twins playing with him in the grass fields.

Switch to Soutter dreaming of a scantily clad nurse setting up to sponge bath Fierce, Suit perched behind her as she bends over in that short skirt.

Switch to Bruno dreaming of a three way with Tyra Banks and Lucy Lui.

Switch to Suit dreaming of himself and Cattrall shooting the shit on the upcoming Pesci charity quiz show.

Switch to Pesci dreaming of strangling McConaughey.

Switch to Fierce dreaming of Marcus White holding the SWAT World Title above his head in the middle of the ring. The beeps on his heart machine grow quicker and quicker and quicker, and then it flat lines with one long continuous beep. The beep wakes up Bruno who jumps up and looks around.]

Bruno : DAWG! Wake up! HELP!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!

[Soutter and Pesci jump to their feet out of their slumbers. Suit looks around, and see’s Fierce flat lining, and looks around in a panic. Suit then see’s a defibrillator and snatches at it, moving quickly over to Fierce.]

Soutter : CLEAR!!!

[Soutter places the chargers on Fierce and proceeds to zap the living hell out of him, and my god, it worked! Fierce sits bolt upright! His face still bandaged but clearly revived.]

Soutter : WOW! James, are you ok?

Fierce : You won’t believe it if i told you, i just had the worst nightmare ever!

Soutter : YOU won’t believe it, but that was no dream! You my friend just crossed to the other side.

Fierce : The other side?

Soutter : Yes, we lost you there for a bit, lucky for us, these zappers were handy.

[Suit holds them up in the air, and a doctor walks in the room and looks around to see what all the fuss is about, Suit double zapps him, and he goes DOWN!]

Fierce : You saved me?

Soutter : As you would for me.

Fierce : Wow. I .... saw something.

Soutter : What?

Fierce : Well, it was Marcus White! He was .... (Fierce spits to the side of the bed, a horrible taste in his mouth) He was SWAT World Champion!

Soutter : .................................... (Suit can’t respond ... he has ...... nothing to say to that)

Pesci : It must have been HELL!

Soutter : It sure sounds like it.

Fierce : It was. It was my worst nightmare come to life, or, to death is you will.

Soutter : Truly hell if i have ever heard it.

Fierce : Man, i need to do some thinking, what have i ever done to deserve to go to hell? I need to re evaluate.

Soutter : I don’t know brother we should be going straight to the pearly gates, men of our standing.

[A nurse walks in and starts checking all the equipment, and then ushers Suit, Bruno and Pesci out of there. Looking down at the unconscious doc suddenly ]

Fierce (to nurse in disbelief as we fade) HE was World Champ!





part 5


Scene opens to SWAT HQ, Soutter’s office is filled with himself, Joe Pesci and CSK seated around the conference table, Bruno is standing in his usual spot to the back and right of the Sovereign.

Soutter : So these clowns actually ASKED for this match? With US?

CSK ; Death wish or what?

Soutter : We are gonna chew them up and spit them out. Even with one arm you can take either ...

CSK : Both!

Soutter : Damn straight both.

Pesci : I don’t know guys, i saw them in the Helloween Cup and they looked pretty tough against the clown

Soutter and CSK both just stare at Pesci. Bruno too is staring at him.

Pesci : Oh, come on guys, they are pretty big dudes, and that was against each other, if together .....

Soutter and CSK still just stare and him and Bruno snorts loudly.

Pesci : Ahhh, yeah, i know you two will destroy them, fuck, what am i thinking.

SWAT Attorney Gavin Slater comes into the room, holding two manila folders.

Gavin Slater : Sorry to interrupt Sir, (holding the folders up in each hand) i have some good news ... and some bad news.

Pesci ; (going into Leo Gets mode) Give us the good news ... no. No no no, wait, the bad .... give us the bad news. Um .... Uh Uh uh ... the good, good good good good, give us the gooo ... wait, wait wait wait wait ....

Soutter : Good news always comes first.

Pesci : Good! Give us the good news!

Slater flings one of the folders onto the conference table, and a bunch of photo’s sprawl out of it and scatter all over the table, they are photo’s of the underage waitress from the Playboy mansion they are charged with rape against, and also of Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey and the girl are photographed in dozens of pics of lewd sexual acts. The guys picK em up and flip thru them, big smiles coming to their faces.

Gavin Slater : Our investigator captured these, seems he can’t keep it in his pants as much as his top on. Also, she is 23 years old and from Kansas. The charges have been dropped, and he has stood down from office.

Pesci ; MOTHER FUCKER! I knew that son of a bitch was up to something!

Soutter (beaming) Fucken told YA!

Pesci : That you did big man, that_you_did! I will never forget this, i am forever in your debt for seeing this fixed to right.

Pesci gets out of his chair and hugs Soutter.

Pesci : FOREVER!

Gavin Slater reaches into his top pocket and pulls out three cheques and passes one each to Pesci and Soutter. A close up shows they are for 2 MILLION DOLLARS


Soutter : Two million!?

Slater : Plus the same for Gibson, and my percentage also!

Soutter : That’s why you’re the best Slater! Did i not tell you this man has saved my career countless times and would see this right?

Pesci : That you did, but lets not over do it with the told you so’s, no one likes a braggart. Sheesh.

Soutter : And .... the bad news?

Gavin Slater : Two parts ... first, from this settlement, these photo’s and the reasons for Matthew McConaughey standing down must never be revealed. And ... now ... this baby.

Slater drops the folder in front of him and takes a seat at the table.

Gavin Slater : There was a board meeting last night. Things ... .are not, so good.

Soutter : We’re picking up.

Gavin Slater : Some there are after your head Suit. You have made a lot of enemies in all these years. Money is leaking, big time, we are losing a LOT!

Soutter : It’s just the nature of the business, it goes in waves ... Triple V and i are about to sell out the World! CSK right here and Fierce are not far from full capacity again ....

Gavin Slater : There is something more to play sir. First off ... just when we get profitable, you go and give away all the proceeds from the Tanner memorial to his remaining family.

Pesci, CSK and Bruno stare at Soutter in shock, he had not told anyone of that.

Soutter : That can stay as private as Matthew McConaughey’s settlement thank you, i don’t want the world thinking i am some “nice guy”. Fair is fair, i loved him, SWAT loved him and they deserved that nest egg, especially now with Viper claiming his estate!

Gavin Slater : As i said sir, there is something more here to play .... it’s not your normal loses in a slow cycle, money is LEAKING! And as usual, when there is something wrong, others are quick to put the blame at your feet.

Pesci : (piping up) Who is this fucken board? I thought you owned the damn company Suit, tell them to go jump, or better still, i will for you ...

Soutter : It’s not that simple, see, years ago when we were done, Packer wanted to purchase the company, i sold him 50% of the shares, i just couldn’t bring myself to part with the lot. Then, after he passed, them shares floated around, and were pretty much worthless until i relaunched the fed mid last year. Now, i got a handful of investors who think they are going to get richer than Crypto Bit coins with our re emergence ....

Pesci jumps to his feet.

Pesci : You just leave this to me! Them mother fuckers .... well ... you will never hear from or be bothered by the likes of them again.

Soutter : What are you going to do?

Pesci : I’m going to “take care of them’ ... of it. I told you i am forever in your debt, and i meant it! This i pledge to you, they will never trouble you again.

Pesci storms out of the room in a rush. All four just stare at each other for a moment.

Soutter : (mouths) “Take care of”

CSK (laughing) What could possibly go wrong?




part 6


We see the pre match KGB locker room, Suit and Bruno are playing cards, CSK is taping his wrists, and there is a masked man on a bench press pumping weights. Joe Pesci walks in, holding two manila folders up like Gavin Slater was when he broke the news of the rape charges being dropped on them.

Pesci : I got good news, and bad news!

Soutter : Joe! Where you been?

Pesci : Does the term car ride from HELL ring any bells? But forget that, come on ... good news and better news! Forget the bad news, there is no bad news!!! (He seems quite excitable)

Soutter : (intrigued) What’s this all about?

Pesci : (tosses an empty folder on the card table dramatically) The remaining share and board members to bust our balls!

Soutter : (looking at the empty folder) You .... “got rid of them”?

Pesci : You know it! I told ya i was gonna make them mother fuckers disappear, and they are gone, never to trouble us again!

Soutter : Wow! I don’t know if i should ask this .... but ... how?

Pesci : Easy! (Tosses the other folder on the desk) Meet your new partner!

Soutter : (dumbstruck) Huh? What?

Pesci : (mocking Suit) Huh ... what ..... you stupid mother fucker ... i bought them the fuck out! What did you think, i was going to have them all “whacked” or something?

Soutter : ........................ (speechless)

Pesci : Don’t fall all over yourself thanking me!

Soutter : ............... Partners?

Pesci : Man, you are something else. I would expect maybe a little gratitude .... look at you! I can see your mind ticking over ... all your worried about is how does this affect YOU now ... and YOUR precious little company! I did this FOR YOU! I bought this hovel from them bastards for YOU! So we wouldn’t have them breathing down out necks any longer! And all you can worry about is yourself?

Pesci storms out of the locker room muttering to himself

Soutter : ....................... partners???