We try to have not too many rules here, but there are a couple steadfast one's must be clarified. I think now is best so all know where we stand in advance.

1. Under no circumstances can one use anothers character in your promo. Its not on. On the other hand, if you wish to get together with a fellow member and collaborate on a joint effort, and feed off each other, that is highly encouraged.

2. Only original characters here. (we got no issue if you rp as real wrestlers, go for your life, just not here)

3. Everything you post as a promo is said to be a promotional tape sent to SWAT and then published on SWAT TV you tube channel, and as such, everything is seen by all fans and wrestlers alike. There is no secret CD promo's which can not be referred to, if you post it, we_see_it.  We love Character Development and highly encourage it, but if you write it, everyone see's it and there is no stupid invisible untouchable rps with us.

4. Results. Our results are based on a system best described as 1/3 Quality, 1/3 Push 1/3 Storyline.

How is your push determined, by contribution. If you are 50/50 in promo's with someone and they get the win, we know this, and we remember this and it works in your favor next time your 50/50 with someone. If you are well in front with someone and believe you have outplayed them and still lost, you may well of, we are 1/3 story based. We wont change this just because someone who has contributed week in week out and now got there push and there story has had an opponent pull out a zinger set of promo's. 

We base your push on your entire body of work and contribution and activity.  Them zingers you pulled out but still lost, they count towards your future matches also and keep them up and it will be your turn sooner rather than later

Want a story for your character, bring us your idea's.

Don't bitch and moan if you lose, if you lose, its cause we are rewarding another members contribution and body of work.

5. Have fun.