The smoke of New Year has cleared. Sad, discarded, rotting Christmas trees have long since been thrown out and collected by refuse desposal people. Outside the world is cold. It's wet. It's miserable. The tattered remnants of New Year's hope lay broken at the feet of equally broken New Year's resolutions. It's grim out there. We've got to get away from it. And we are....to Singapore!

The never ending Anarchy World Tour rattles on into the Far East with a scorcher of a card, as the longest World Heavyweight Championship Tournament in professional wrestling history screeches towards its tantric climax - highlighted by a particularly tasty looking clash between 2017's Rookie of the Year Dan Rosen, and the veteran enigma known only as 'D'. Frank Windsor straps his boots back on and goes on on one with Shane Mitchell in a contest that both men specifically asked for. This is the first time the two former RSW World Heavyweight Champions have battled in the ring, and it's sure to be a mat classic. Or a bloodbath. One or the other. The monstrous Garmr finds himself faced with Nob Kerfuffle. We hope the last remaining Hooligan has his financial affair in order, and a will drawn up. Billy Fowler faces a familiar foe in Dylan Erickson; two men who have been circling around each other since the Days of Empire. 

More Tournament matches account for the majority of the undercard, aside from RSW debuts for Vincent Augustine and Gus Wolf. And there's a nasty, persistent rumour that nobody has seen RSW founder Rob Riot since the climax of AnarChristmas IV. As always, we suspect something or someone else will appear and grab the attention of the world on the night. This is Riot Star Wrestling. It usually does...






You know it's the craziest thing when the wrestling ring itself nearly became a casualty of war during the night. How did the war against Garmr and his allies go through the night? 

Jesus Christ, you think I will be spilling the beans now? Click the pic below and dive in head first (or not since Garmr tends to crush those).

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***DATELINE: 15th DECEMBER 2017***


It's the most wonderful time of the year....because Riot Star Wrestling's biggest show of the year is just around the corner! It's Feliz Navidad for the RSW roster, as they will be spending the festive period in Mexico, specifically the Mexico Plaza Monumental deTijuana, which plays host to the fourth annual AnarChristmas event, and it's a sellout already. 

The big news, of course, is that Reverend Shane Mitchell, fittingly, has been born again for Christmas. Seemingly recovered from the injuries he suffered at Garmr's hands months ago, he made a shocking return at the conclusion of Anarchy 33 and laid down a challenge that the beast simply couldn't turn down. Garmr could barely be contained from tearing the Bastards limb from limb last time out, and may have put Cedric Bek on the shelf for good - could Shane truly have learned anything in his time away that could stop the roster-eating monster in his tracks? 

With the World Heavyweight Championship tournament taking a back seat for the night, RSW has built a card designed to entertain and enthral for Christmas. The Bastards finally defend their RSW Tag Team Championships against the Family, Ragnar Magnusson's Legacy Championship opportunity comes around in what is surely bad news for incumbent champion Havok, and Dylan Erickson must somehow navigate an Anarchy Championship defence in a triple threat match with both 'D' and Jakie Wentzel, whose status as enemies or allies never seems to remain consistent. After a series of, frankly, bizarre incidents (even by RSW standards), Kevin Rouser finally faces off with Mark Force, in a match sure to be dedicated to the memory of British celebrity Keith Chegwin. 

In a battle of the boardroom, Chris Parsons makes his long awaited return to the ring in what, on the face of it, looks like a serious mismatch with RSW majority owner - and non wrestler - Armand von Krauss. Dan Rosen and Isaiah Zepp battle to determine a new number one contender for the RSW Anarchy Championship. In a comeback of what could be epic proportions, RUBY 'SLAUGHTER' WALSH returns to the RSW roster and will surely make a statement by laying waste to the increasingly erratic Devin Stone. Elizabeth 'Apathy' Devereux also returns to active service, going one on one with Nob Kerfuffle, who now owns the mantle of 'The Last Hooligan'. PWA stalwart Lil C makes his RSW debut as he steps into the ring with Sal Insincere, and we have a pair of debutants jerking the curtain as Danny Parsons tangles with Gruzo. 

This is a momumental night of action, and only a fool would miss it. Make sure YOU know where you'll be when RSW presents....ANARCHRISTMAS IV!



***DATELINE: 13th DECEMBER 2017***



We are one event away from AnarChristmas IV, and good God did the deck of cards get knocked over at Anarchy 33! As the tournament progressed up and down the card, those who hadn't made the effort were brutalised from top to toe. A ragtag gang of long forgotten British celebrities wreaked havoc backstage. The Bastards paid tribute to their favourite entertainer from childhood. A Pinnacle Wrestling Association alumni reappeared from the wilderness, inserting himself into the strangest feud in wrestling. And one of RSW's greatest originals rose once more, stunning everybody inside the arena, and watching at home. There were shocking results, dark hints at a future full of danger, and a night of entertainment Columbia will never forget. 

What are you waiting for? Tune into Anarchy 33....right now!


***DATELINE: 16th NOVEMBER 2017***


RSW is stepping up the pace as we close in on AnarChristmas IV, and we're delighted to announce an extension to our tour of South America - this time, we're visiting Estadio El Campin down in Bogota, Columbia! With the roster still reeling from the events of Anarchy 32 - and, if sources are to be believed, Garmr's crew still chasing Billy Fowler around the streets of Chile in a car chase for the ages, focus now must turn to our final stop before the annual Christmas extravaganza. And that's probably just as well, because at some point they're going to have to park the cars and get in the ring - Fowler vs Garmr II is booked for Anarchy 33 as one of various tournament matches up and down the card. Also of interest is Dylan Erickson defending his newly won RSW Anarchy Championship against Nob Kerfuffle, who has stepped into the tournament in place of the departed Logan Omari. Hunter Valentyne has been booked on the card, but rumours are rife that the controversial star has walked out on the company in the midst of a scandal regarding allegedly faked footage of Rob Riot's son. 

If there's one thing the roster has shown us recently, it's that despite the tournament bookings, they just can't stop attacking each other, or making and breaking alliances, so who knows what's going to go down on the night? There's only one way to find out...join us! 



***DATELINE: 15th NOVEMBER 2017***


Santiago, Chile, we loved you! We loved you, we fought in you, we bled in you, and we left you with a night neither you nor we will ever forget. For all we know, there are still RSW wrestlers high tailing it around your back streets in hot pursuit of each other even as we speak. But who, and how did they get into such a predicament? Who was revealed, shockingly, as Garmr's new associate? And who made the first dent on Garmr's entourage...and then the man himself? Who humiliated Hunter Valentyne? Whose comeback was confirmed? Whose comeback is suspected? Have all the goalposts in RSW moved yet again? 

There's only one way to find out....tune into Anarchy 32 right now!


***DATELINE: 27th OCTOBER 2017***


As we move on from Anarchy 31, with its revelations and reunions, we're headed off to Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile for Anarchy 32, and the second set of fixtures for the Riot Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship tournament! 

The fixtures throw up some interesting pairings:- Rob Riot going up against equally long-tenured former PWA veteran (and now former Koresh Clan member) Chris Gibson, the now-unmasked 'D' face to face with Hunter Valentyne, and the truly bizarre pairing of Nocturnal and Mark Force; and Devin Stone's luck doesn't seem to be getting any better as he finds himself in a non-tournament match with the monstrous Garmr. 

Speaking of Garmr, with his team's dismissal of Hunter Valentyne post Anarchy 31, the roster truly is lined up against him as RSW seeks to face down the largest individual threat the promotion has ever known. Warring factions seem to have put hostilities on ice, with members of the Bastards, the Remnant, the Koresh family and even Armand von Krauss himself seemingly willing to act together to prevent the monster from tearing the entire roster limb from limb. But can any of these alliances - each of them wrought with their own internal difficulties - truly be effective? 

Only one thing is for certain. From now until he's defeated, Garmr is an enemy of the state! 



***DATELINE: 24th OCTOBER 2017***


The tournament for the vacant Riot Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship got underway in Brazil, and in true RSW style, none of the big stories on the night revolved around the advertised entertainment. Vengador Oscuro was finally unmasked and his true identity was revealed as a well known, multi-time world champion in several promotions. New alliances were formed....one of which happened under duress. Backstage assaults happened...but probably not the type you're imagining. And the sort of family feud that would send Steve Harvey running for the hills had implications up and down the card. Who won? Who lost? Who's friends with who? The only way to find out....is to tune into Anarchy 31 right now! 


***DATELINE: 18th SEPTEMBER 2017***


As announced by Armand von Krauss at Anarchy 30, the biggest tournament RSW has ever seen starts at Anarchy 31, and will end at AnarChristmas IV, crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion. Almost every active member of the RSW roster is involved, including some new signees who've been drawn to the promotion by the chance to win the big one, and other starts from RSW's past returning to take their shot, too. Any single one of them could turn out to be the victor, but based on what we saw at the end of Anarchy 30, perhaps that isn't the point. Perhaps we shouldn't be asking "Who's going to win the tournament?". Perhaps we should be asking "Who, if anybody, is capable of defeating Garmr?" 

Join us in Brazil for Anarchy 31, when the road to glory begins!



***DATELINE: 15th SEPTEMBER 2017***


It was another night of momentuous action in Riot Star Wrestling, as the Anarchy World tour crashed into Argentina. Before the night started, we knew the World Heavyweight Championship was vacant. How was that handled by management? And what consequences did it turn out to have for the entire roster? Did Nocturnal use any of his three wishes? Did Keira Eastwood and Louis Kubrick manage to hang on to their respective championships? Did Billy Fowler manage to survive his encounter with the monstrous Garmr in the cage? And who answered questions about his own future by putting the band back together? 

There's only one way to answer these questions: Tune into RSW Anarchy 30, right here, right now!

***DATELINE 21st AUGUST 2017***

RB CARDONE: 1984-2017
As the sun set for the final time on a whole era of Riot Star Wrestling history, the Shadow Wars PPV burnt itself permanently into the minds of wrestling fans everywhere. Already reeling from the emotional punch of seeing Morcant Davis win the RSW World Heavyweight Championship for the fourth and final time - in his retirement match, no less - fans were left shocked and distressed when Garmr beat the champion - and former champion Shane Mitchell, who tried to come to his aid - to a pair of bloody and battered pulps, injuring the pregnant Tiffany in the process. We still anxiously await confirmation of Morcant's medical status. Hunter Valentyne was revealed to be involved in this vicious assault, but what is the true nature of his relationship with this beast? 

As those in attendance, and watching around the world, tried to come to terms with what they'd just seen, the unthinkable happened. RB Cardone, Hall of Famer and co-founder of Riot Star Wrestling, tragically lost his life at the conclusion of Shadow Wars, falling from the scaffold that had been erected for the Davis - Mitchell battle and breaking his neck as he landed. It seemed to those watching that Cardone chose to fall rather than surrender to Riot, and in doing so denied Rob the information he so craved; the whereabouts of his son. Riot, who broke his arm during the course of the match and isn't medically cleared to compete at Anarchy 30, was visibly distraught as the night drew to a close. Where next - if anywhere - for the beleagured Brit? And what impact could the senseless, sudden loss of a young man's life in RB Cardone have on the rest of the roster? 

We shall attempt to find out the answers to some of these questions together at Anarchy 30, where we pray for a new dawn to rise. Billy Fowler, at his own demand, will be Garmr's first opponent. Devin Stone, using the opportunity he won at Shadow Wars, challenges Keira Eastwood for the RSW Anarchy Championship. The newly-minted RSW Legacy Champion, Louis Kubrick, faces down Natasha Harris, who sprung her own opportunity in the same 'Unlucky 13' battle as Stone at Shadow Wars. And, as always, there's more action up and down the card as the Anarchy World Tour arrives in Cordoba, Argentina. The future is just around the corner... come join us, and we'll face it together. 

RP DEADLINE: Midnight GMT Monday 4th September 2017

***DATELINE 19th AUGUST 2017***


There's very little we can tell you about Shadow Wars without spoiling the show for you. And believe me, you don't want us to do that. So many shocks, so many surprises, so many lives changed forever....and an era undisputably ended. Names associated with the opening, and rise, of RSW are now gone forever. New names vye for their place at the top of the card, and people we consider to be legends will never set foot in an RSW ring again. After Shadow Wars, we move into the next, dangerous era of Riot Star Wrestling. An era, seemingly, of man-monsters and dark deeds. Of skullduggery and unthinkable alliances. The sun has set on RSW's first band of warriors. Our first look at what comes next should shake the wrestling world to the very core of its being. 

Tune into Shadow Wars right now, and prepare to say hello, and wave goodbye, to the very greatest professional wrestlers in the world. 

***DATELINE 31st JULY 2017***

The end is coming for one career. Possibly two. As we move on to Pay Per View, in the barbaric surroundings of the Koresh Compound in Abilene, our main event sees the very final chapter in a feud that's lasted for years. Rob Riot will go one on one with RB Cardone in a match where there will be no count outs, no disqualifications, no pinfalls, no interference from outside on pain of death, and only one outcome; one of these men will have to utter the words 'I Quit', with both careers on the line. At least one of these legendary figures will walk to the ring for the very last time, and leave in the most demeaning, humiliating circumstances possible. RB Cardone has signed on the dotted line to say that after the match ends, win or lose, he'll tell Rob Riot the information that he craves for; the location of his long lost son. Riot has gone on record as saying as soon as he's been told that information, he'll leave professional wrestling forever. So is all as it seems - is Rob Riot wrestling his last match regardless of the outcome? And if he goes out victorious, does it mean that we won't see just one career end, but two? 

Morcant Davis is a haunted man as well; his brutal loss to Rob Riot at Anarchy 29 aside, the prophecy he foretold for weeks - the coming of Garmr - was borne out at our last event. And yet now Morcant has an opportunity to make history, and become the first ever four time RSW World Heavyweight Champion when he takes on the incumbent Reverend Shane Mitchell. Davis has alluded that his days, too, are numbered. Will he go out on top? Will winning the gold persuade him to hang around? Or will Shane Mitchell send him away in the time honoured tradition of so many fallen heroes - on his back? 

Elsewhere on the card, Billy Fowler and Frank Windsor represent the Bastards as they defend the tag team titles against The Remnant; with Fowler's Legacy Championship also on the line in that match.. Keira Eastwood could lose her Anarchy Championship without being pinned or submitted as she defends in a three way against the unstable Jakie Wentzel and the mysterious Vengador Oscuro, Isaiah Zepp gets the chance to make his case for Main Event status if he can get one over on the legendary Hunter Valentyne...and much, much more, as the undercard tries to steal the show from the top guys. DO NOT miss the first ever Shadow Wars Pay per View when it goes live! 

RP DEADLINE: Midnight UK time 6th/7th August 2017